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linguistique [a writing community]
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CURRENT THEME:   to/from: a husband at war
LAST WEEK'S WINNER:   skyisacanvas


LINGUISTIQUE is a different kind of writing community. every week, we (the mods) post a new theme that should act as a writing prompt. your job is to write about that theme, or follow that prompt, and submit it to be judged. once all submissions are collected by the deadline (usually, the deadline will be 11:59:00 PM EST the next friday [i.e. the friday following the friday that the prompt was announced]), we go through each one and spend a lot of time reviewing and reading submissions to pick that week's winner.

the thing that separates us from other writing communities, however, is the fact that the winning submissions taken from each week will be published in linguistique's very own publication, "ces mots". "ces mots" is a monthly to bi-monthly mini-to-not-so-mini-anthology of winning theme submissions, photos, and other fun things relating to creative writing and art. 100% of the proceeds from every book we sell goes to a charitable literary program, or a school that is in need. "after all, we wouldn't be here today if we hadn't somewhere picked up a thing or two about, oh, i don't know, coherency and a grasp on the language. even a basic one helps, but this nation is sorely lacking right now."

of course, our books are reasonably priced. so tell your friends! not only are you being published as a legitimate author and promoting your work (shamelessly, of course), you are helping us make a difference.

and anyway, where would we be without words?

1. introduce yourself as soon as possible. lurkers are creepy, and we want to know who you are and what you're all about. (therefore, rule #1: don't be creepy).

2. post a piece of writing (whether it is related to that week's theme, or not) as quickly as possible after you join. if two months have gone by since the date you joined, and you still haven't posted anything writing-related, you will be removed from the community (introduction posts do not count as writing).

3A. please always use the forms provided here when posting pieces of writing. the reason we have forms is so that theme submissions are easier to read, and so that we don't have to unnecessarily spend precious minutes of our time fumbling through a different kind of formatting.

3B. furthermore, please make sure you use the alignment codes provided in the forms. basically, please, please, please include every bit of code provided for you; we're sorry if it's annoying or arduous, there are reasons for it. the mods cannot go back and edit your entries once you post them, and if you post them wrong we will have to ask you to go back and add the codes you left out. failure to do so may result in removal from the community, or a ban, depending on the severity of your form/code neglect. we don't mean to be assholes, but it really does work best this way. trust us.

4. when posting pictures, please keep our friends' pages in mind. images that must be put under an lj-cut are as follows:

- images exceeding 400 pixels in width, or 800 pixels in height
- images that are not safe for work (think of your picture as if it were a movie; what kind of rating would it receive? if you're not familiar with the entertainment rating system, please refer to the color-coded rating guide below. [images with ratings labeled PINK do not need to be cut, whereas images with ratings labeled BLUE need to be hidden by an lj-cut, and ratings labeled RED are not allowed to be posted under any circumstance])
- G (GENERAL AUDIENCE): all ages admitted
- PG (PARENTAL GUIDANCE SUGGESTED): some material may not be suitable for children
- PG-13 (PARENTS STRONGLY CAUTIONED): some material may be inappropriate for children under 13.
- R (RESTRICTED): duh.

- any sort of X-RATING: porn. again, duh.

if you still don't know which rating you should go with, please contact one of us and we'll let you know.

[also, please note that tasteful nudity used in the context of art does not necessarily constitute an x-rating. however, please contact one of the mods before posting any kind of nudity so that we can screen it]

5. please do not abuse the mods. we really are nice people and we love you all. we just hope that no one comes to our personal livejournals or myspaces (or any other personal website, for that matter) with linguistique-related questions, comments, or complaints. but, at the same time, don't be afraid to talk to us. please feel free to add our personal livejournals or myspaces, even our aim screen names; we'd love to be your friend. it's just that there is a time and a place for everything, and our personal websites are neither / nor.

6. criticism and critique are highly encouraged. but don't be mean about it; there's no need to hurt anyone's feelings and insulting people / fighting over the internet is like being a pokemaster. even if you win, you're still a loser (and that's why rule #6 is: don't be an asshole).

7. to reiterate rule #5 (and to clear things up a bit), please don't be afraid to talk to the mods. any questions, complaints, suggestions, and/or comments are more than accepted as long as they are asked in the right place (pssst... the right places are this community, aol instant messenger, and e-mail).



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