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linguistique [a writing community]'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
linguistique [a writing community]

the premature adaptation of the got it made game plan. the heartless work of the red in her dress. alone has done some funny things to my friends. the pull of affection has a bleaching affect. a series of square-one references. eleven eleven to one eleven tracers blaze. a glow off the face of a soldier, "things are going well young man." smile, pause, steady then...
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The Royal Procession of the Infantae [27th, December 2006 @ 12:41pm]

Title: The Royal Procession of the Infantae
Theme: No theme, because we are not restrained
Notes: There is nothing I can add that will do what you are about to read any justice. I can offer no clarification, only that you may perceive of it what you will, and I can do nothing to stop you. This is no more important than it is tragic. It is just words upon words, arranged so that you may look at it, read it, conjure images from it, apply it to something or nothing or whatever and however you see fit. That is all I can say. Also, that this is cross-posted from my own journal.


random poem hoping for feed back [27th, August 2006 @ 8:44pm]

Dear Daddy Daedalus-
You, soar.
You, flew.
You fashioned me with wings--anomalies.
You promised me hope.
I was fevered with freedom,
flitting away with your electricity.
The fever was breaking when wings became fletchings.
You, archer.
You, weapon.
You, soar.
You, flew.
Sick with what you gave me, I died from what you made me.


more change. but it's always good for you. [13th, August 2006 @ 11:32am]

Continuing in our mood/phrase excursions, the new format for linguistique will be as follows. I will make a new post with a phrase or a mood or some combination of the two. Then, instead of making an all new post with your pieces, just reply to the post I made.

"I will never stand so perfectly again."


A Day in Her Heels [2nd, August 2006 @ 5:07pm]

"Then again, I never much fancied myself..."
There's really not much to say...

Pink PumpsCollapse )

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